Everything for a Heartbeat!!

Every Tuesday night is special at the Stuart Center because we do ultrasounds, but this particular Tuesday night was exceptional! Usually we schedule four appointments, one every half hour. This night however, we had six, and they were all very abortion vulnerable women.

The nurse, sonographer, counselors, and receptionist all adjusted their personal schedules to be available for the busy night. Gearing up for the evening, we all gathered to pray and ask God to have His way. We prayed that each client would show up (preferably with the father of the baby), and most especially that the babies would be active, jumping up and down, sucking their thumbs, and maybe even “wave” to their Mommy and Daddy.

After the uplifting prayers and the anticipation of changed minds and hearts, I happened to glance into the Ultrasound room and was shocked to discover there was no ultrasound machine. You see, we don’t have our own machine in Stuart. We have an “angel” friend of the ministry who owns an ultrasound company and faithfully wheels one into the center every single week.

Well, I panicked and called our “angel”! He jokingly said, “Oh Nancy! Ye of little faith! I’m just running a little late.” I apologized, we laughed and hung up! Ten minutes later he called and said the machine was locked up in another office and he didn’t have the key. This time, I laughed and said, “Sure, Angel!!” “Angel” then became very somber explaining he wasn’t kidding and was going to go from south Stuart to his home in Port St. Lucie to get another machine.

Those of us at the Center recognized this as a spiritual battle and gathered together to pray again, asking God to keep “ Angel” safe, and deliver the machine in time to allow all the clients to see and hear their babies’ heartbeats.

Little did we know, a terrible storm was passing over the Treasure Coast. As “Angel” approached his home, he saw that a palm tree had snapped and fallen across his driveway. Undeterred, Angel managed to get through to the garage, get the machine in the van, and head back to Stuart. As he was driving, (not sure how fast!) he noticed flashing lights from a police car behind him. As he prepared to stop, another driver pulled over with the police, so Angel proceeded to the center thanking God for travel mercies!!!

Miraculously, as though the Lord stopped time, the first client was being checked in as Angel delivered the machine! Because the sonographer was unfamiliar with the machine, Angel stayed all night to assist her. Did I happen to mention what an amazing man of God Angel is??

Within minutes, Care Net came to life as the sounds of the babies’ heartbeats filled the Center!! One by one, we watched the couples leave with the excitement of having seen their baby! Overwhelmed, we all rejoiced in the presence of God as we gave Him thanks and praise for allowing us to be participants in HIS miracles at HIS place, Care Net!
** ALL six clients chose life that night.
** Angel’s home was not damaged and he continues to faithfully bring the machine every week!

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12 (NIV)