An Open Door Policy

Most of us have heard that expression. Maybe at a job the manager says, “If you need anything, let me know. I have an Open Door Policy”.

At Care Net, we all have Open Doors. Let me tell you about mine.

My door is always open to any clients that are seen at our Center, whether I have personally counseled with them, or not. Perhaps they are a returning client because they know this is a safe place to come for help. Clients have been known to contact me about child care, supplies for their babies, even school supplies or jobs that may be available in the area. On any given day you may hear me crying with a client, whether tears of joy or sadness, or laughing with a client, perhaps because of the great images she received from her ultrasound, or the funny things her baby has done. At times, the tears and the laughter come in the same day.

As one of our Center Directors, I also have an Open Door Policy for our volunteers. A volunteer knows they can come in any time to discuss a client, a prayer request, a praise, whatever it may be. Most of the volunteers have my cell phone so that my Open Door is more than a literal door. I truly love sharing in happy moments in the lives of the volunteers, and I am humbled that they would trust me with the difficult times in their lives. On any given day you may hear me crying with the volunteers, perhaps because of the loss of someone very close, sometimes even a pet. You may hear me laughing with the volunteers, perhaps rejoicing over the birth of a client’s baby, or maybe because of something funny happening in their personal lives. At times, the tears and the laughter come in the same day.

Is having an Open Door Policy always easy? No. There are days when the workload seems so daunting I’m not sure how I can get through it. It would be easy for me to close my door with a “Do Not Disturb” sign on it, but then, what might I miss? A blessing? A desperate cry? A little one that comes in with their Mommy and runs in to give me a precious hug?

I believe I like having an Open Door Policy. How open is your door?

Rayma Zugel
Lead Center Director
Port St. Lucie Office