At The Thanksgiving Table…

Nanette Maldonado, Community Liaison

The tradition of setting aside a day to give thanks extends back to the earliest days of the United States and it finds us in November, on Thanksgiving Day. Far more than the flat surface upon which we dine on at Thanksgiving, topped with the moistest turkey and the draping of garland, is the gathering of family and friends.  A time when the clock stops and the rush settles down.  An opportune time to share, express the matters of the heart, and our gratitude towards one another.  We know within some of our families that may be hard to do, but whether or not we have a grumpy, a dopey, a bashful, a sneezy, or a sleepy at our table that day, being thankful is a gift.  So friends, would you find a place at Thanksgiving to share your gratitude and heart?  We would sure like to hear about it.  Be thankful, be gracious, be forgiving and remember, time is not guaranteed to us.  There’s so much power in Thanksgiving.

We would like to take this time to share our sincere, most appreciative THANK YOU.  Every day here at Care Net is precious and filled with the expectations for God to create miracles in the most vulnerable situations, because He is after the hearts of many.  We understand this and we are so blessed to join HIM.  Because of the support of our ministry partners, our doors stay open, the electricity is on, and we have resources to provide for the families in need.  We have the opportunity to challenge and educate our community youth to make healthy choices and infuse culture with biblical standards without compromise.  Your giving empowers the ministry of Care Net.  Your giving saves lives and restores them.  Every client can find rest, hope, forgiveness, love, and support during the storms they face.

Thank you to our Volunteers for giving their time and working with excellence!  Thank you to our Walk Liaisons, who rally and mobilize the church community to walk for LIFE.  Thank you to our Banquet Table Hosts who invite, share, and promote to give abundantly!  We LOVE you all.  Each of you bring a unique gift and give precious time freely and we are so touched by it.  We value every single one of you and call you friend.  We know that your seeds produce fruit at Care Net and what better time to express our gratitude than now!  Happy Thanksgiving my friends!

Thankful for YOU!!!