Clearing The Smoke

Can you believe it? It’s already the end of January. I haven’t figured out what happened to 2015, let alone January 2016! I enjoy so much the holiday season. I hope your Thanksgiving and Christmas were truly blessed. I trust that your lives are as back to “normal” as can be.

What does normal mean for you? For me it means working with women who have had an abortion. I get the privilege of facilitating post-abortive Bible studies to help women find healing from their past decision to abort their child or children. I LOVE what I do! I cannot emphasize it enough that I L O V E getting to see God transform hurting women into powerful women. Being post-abortive myself, I know firsthand what the emotional and psychological consequences of an abortion can be.

Last fall The Center for Medical Progress released several videos of undercover encounters with Planned Parenthood and their affiliates. I’ve watched every one of them. Some of them were hard to watch or listen to, especially the third, sixth, and seventh videos which are more graphic. If you know me personally, you know I can be tough, but watching the seventh video made my eyes tear up.

Why did I watch them all then? Because I need to be informed about what abortion providers are doing. I do this to become a better defender of life. Not just the life of the unborn baby, but the life of the parents as well. Abortion providers do little, if anything, to inform their customers of the possible effects of abortion to them physically, let alone emotionally and psychologically.

Yes, you should watch them as well, at least a couple of them. We, the pro-life everyday Christian can use these videos, first, as an opportunity to change the feeling on abortion. When people see these images of babies and the abortion workers, it reawakens something inside of them. Their moral consciences are touched. Their spiritual eyes are less clouded by the smoke of the secular worldview. Second, we can use these videos to get people thinking. Most people have no idea what is happening in these abortion clinics and these research facilities or what is happening and has happened to their customers. Imagine the horror of a post abortive man or woman watching these videos becoming aware of the LIE that they were lead to believe. CARE (Confidential Abortion Recovery Experience) is available for them to work through the grief of realizing it was a child, not just tissue. An example Scott Klusendorf of The Life Training Institute used was, “If the KKK started giving free medical care to poor women, we would not think it a benevolent organization. Good deeds do not atone for bad ones, and less than five percent of its client services to pregnant women … don’t involve killing their unborn children.” What they tell us they do and what the facts are do not line up.

Do you agree that it is wrong to intentionally kill a human? I’m sure you do. Do you agree that abortion is intentionally killing a human? Does that not lead you to believe that abortion is wrong? You can use this reasoning in your discussions with those people who are open to a pro-life conversation.

If it’s wrong to hurt people for the color of their skin, their gender, or the color of their eyes, then why is it okay to hurt them based on their size, level of development, environment or the degree of their dependency?

Are you willing to help stop this evil and promote the intrinsic value of human life? Here are some ways you can do this:
• Watch or read reviews about these videos. Educate yourself on the facts.
• Arm yourself with compelling true stories. Good stories that inspire and bad stories that show the reality of sin. I can give you so many stories of how Christ set free women and men wounded by their previous abortions.
• Speak out in your circles – church, work, etc. Be armed for the spiritual battle.
• Talk with your church leaders about allowing Care Net Pregnancy Services of the Treasure Coast to speak to those in your congregation. Either in the Sunday services, or in small group settings – women’s or men’s meetings, Sunday School, youth meetings – you get the picture.
• Come by one of our centers. We would love to give you a tour and tell you about all the services we offer our clients. You may be inspired to join us in serving our community and reaching the lost for Christ.

If you would like more information, please contact either our Port St. Lucie or Stuart offices. You can also contact me direct at (772)249-2473, or by email at

Pam Durham
C.A.R.E. Director