Executive Director

The young man came with his wife (girlfriend?) for her to receive a free ultrasound at Care Net. Sadly, none of our men counselors were available that night but maybe that was God’s plan. While our client was getting settled in the ultrasound room by our nurse and ultrasonographer, this young man sat waiting in the reception area with our Center Director. He quickly let her know that “he was a tough nut to crack and probably didn’t want to talk.”
“That’s okay,” Rayma replied. Silence settled in the room with only the classical music playing in the background. Nudged by God, she finally just stated, “It’s takes more than sperm to make a dad, you know.” Unbelievably, this “tough nut” began to rain tears down his face until they literally soaked his shirt front. His story and others like it, are what led Care Net to begin our Men2 (Get Squared Away) Program. Our daddy program will connect men to mentor young dad’s such as this one, who are facing fatherhood with fear and trepidation.
Simply stated, and strongly believed, THIS HAS THE POWER TO AFFECT THE OUTCOME OF A FUTURE GENERATION-a paradigm shift, if you will! Care Net has always believed that Life Decisions, Deserve Life Support.
May this story challenge you in three ways; 1) Prayer, 2) Consider becoming a Men’s counselor (Training takes place in March and October) and 3) Give to support this ministry.