Have You Ever Been Hurt?

bandaged heart

Have you ever had someone in the church do something that wounded your spirit?  Regardless of the intent, it hurt.  Let me give you a couple of scenarios.

Scenario one:  You were subcontracted to do a job by someone from your church.  This job turned out to be a much bigger project than expected, but you kept the other person informed of the increased cost.  When it was completed, they refused to pay you saying it was too much.  You’ve forgiven them and you still talk to that person, but your relationship has changed – the situation left unresolved.

Scenario two:  While at a gathering, someone made a comment to you that was intended to belittle you.  You felt all eyes on you.  You made light of it and went on.  But the next time you were invited to a similar gathering, you did not attend, or you found out if the other person was attending before you went.  You’ve forgiven that person, but have taken a step back from the relationship – again, the situation left unresolved.

In either scenario, you forgave that person.  Regardless of whether it was intentional or not, you have moved on.  You know God is bigger than that situation.

The next thing you know, you are face to face with that person again.  What pops into your mind?  Maybe some good memories, but most likely that situation is foremost in your thoughts.  It might be in their thoughts too.  You know that it was left unresolved.  A simple apology would set everything right. Probably the relationship could get back on track after a short period of time to what it was before the situation, and with God’s grace even better.

Abortion is a lot like this.  Months and years pass.  It seems to be mostly forgotten, or at least glazed over.  But yet there are triggers: a baby crying, the sound of a vacuum, maybe a medical procedure that reminds the woman of the abortion. All these may be indicators that the situation is still unresolved. Many women spend decades with this unresolved situation in their life. They have no idea of the areas that it affects. Some of these areas are:  change of relationships; feelings of low self-esteem; bonding issues with children; alcohol or drug problems; unable to forgive others or accept God’s forgiveness; over-achiever; feelings of shame, guilt, secrecy; etc.

This is what CARE (Confidential Abortion Recovery Experience) is about. We help men and women heal their unresolved wounds.  We lead men and women through God’s Word.  We give them tools to experience freedom from shame, guilt, secrecy, and all the other areas that are affected.

Do you know someone who has been wounded? Maybe some of the wounds are apparent to you but you are unaware that abortion may be in their past.  They may be afraid to share.  Over 50% of women have never told anyone in the church of their past abortion.  The percentage of men is probably higher.  Would you be willing to learn how to reach out to them?

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Pam Durham
CARE Director