I Could Never…

Is there something in your life that you could say, “I could never . . .”? For me, I could never jump from a plane…unless I had to, of course, to save my life.
I sit across from girls too often that say to me, “I could never give my baby away”. A part of me understands that. I love my family, but what if at the time I had my children, I wasn’t ready to care for them? Would I have said, “I could never give my baby away?”
Let me share a story with you of a young couple who made the choice to not “Give their baby away”, but to make an adoption plan.
Chelsea* came to Care Net knowing she and her boyfriend, Mark*, were not ready to raise a child, but her “I could never…” was she could never have an abortion, so they chose to make an adoption plan. They came regularly to talk with one of the advocates openly and honestly about the plans they were making. Care Net was even able to share Choose Life funds with them through the Choose Life license plate program.
The day of their baby’s birth came. What a beauty she is! As I spoke with Chelsea, she shared with me that when she was in labor, she wasn’t sure she could place her baby with the family she and Mark had chosen, but as she looked into the eyes of her daughter, she knew their baby deserved to have more than they could give. One of the nurses even asked, “Now that you have seen her, do you think you could have done it?” Chelsea responds, “Yeah, I could have done it, but it’s not about me, it’s all about her.”
I got the privilege of being with this sweet couple as they signed the papers to give their beautiful daughter a new family. Chelsea’s tears were both beautiful and sad as she stared at her baby. She was afraid of showing her emotions as the adoptive parents came in, however, the woman from the adoption agency told her, “It’s okay to let them see your tears, to let them know this is real for you. There will be overwhelming joy and sadness in this room very soon as you place your baby into the arms of her parents.”
What a beautiful story. By the choice Chelsea and Mark made, their “We could never…” became, “We could never love her more than to give her the best she deserves”.