Is It Just Me or Are We Cross-Eyed?

Is it just me or are we Cross eyed?

It could be the landscape but a few things lately have had me seeing things Cross eyed.

No, not the typical way you see the word but CROSS eyed in the sense that I’m needing to pass EVERYTHING I see in common culture through the work and purpose of the Cross. Let me explain.

Recently I came across a trending article stating that after years of seeming absence, Justin Beiber was making a move toward concentrating on the faith he had been raised in. I read the article with hesitation as many make this revelation in life, spotlight or no spotlight. What drew me so much to the article was not so much the trending topic of it all, but the fact that I wanted to see substance. Something gravely missing in our society. We live in a world of quick words, clever sayings, and hot movements, but substance is something more. Unfortunately what I found was more ambiguity than anything. It seemed it was missing substance.

Substance. The word reminded me of the Crucifixion and the words from Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” For so many, they knew what was said, they could see what was happening, but they needed to use FAITH to process what the Cross meant. It was the substance, or something to cling to, to work through if you will, for what was yet to happen through the Cross. Those who weren’t focused on this would walk around confused for days. Yet in a few days there’d be no denying the impact of the Cross.

Fast forward to this past week when I read another article that focused on the commitment that artist Colton Dixon and his then fiancée, Annie, had made to wait until marriage to cross those sexual lines. It was filled with clear definitions of the why and how this came to be. There was substance, not just words, in their conversation with People Magazine. As I’ve watched his story in the early days of God positioning him to perform on American Idol to instant fame, one thing has been consistent – his promotion of Christ in all he has done.

Shortly after, I came across a news story that was showing a new Calvin Klein marketing campaign. One of the models was, you guessed it, Justin Bieber. I’d like to say it was flattering, and by worldly standards it was. My eyes definitely crossed! My heart definitely sank. I’d so prayed that the substance of his influence would move more toward promoting Godly standards instead of worldly ones.
Two cultural icons, each with the ability to influence millions. Perfection in neither. Substance only in one.

That makes the difference in these two young men’s lives. Not WHO they are but how they see WHOSE they are as being central to what comes next for them.

Could I submit to you that this is where we need to land as well? Would you join me in praying that our youth stop looking towards Culture and reposition their eyes on the Cross?

When we are pressed by culture to compromise our sexual standards or give into the commons in our culture may we all be a little more CROSS Eyed!