Not Just a Material Girl

Pregnant Mom Shopping

If you were to stop and think about Care Net, what we do, who we see, how we help, you’ll probably think of things like….

  • Babies!
  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Salvation
  • Referrals

You may NOT think of things like…

  • Diapers
  • Formula
  • Shoes & Clothes
  • Bathtubs & Swings
  • Car Seats & Strollers
  • Bottles & Diaper Bags

It’s safe to say that we all agree that when you have a child, especially a baby, the items in list #2 are VITAL to everyday life.  But when we think of Care Net, we tend to think more in terms of crisis, don’t we?  It occurs to me (if I’m going to be completely honest here) that sometimes we may look at our “Materials” clients’ needs as not as critical as our pregnancy test clients.  That’s so wrong.  Let me explain…

In an ER, a heart attack would certainly necessitate fast, concise, and complete assessment and treatment, right?  I mean, leave them too long, and well, life’s over.  So that’s our abortion minded/vulnerable family.  Now, look across the ER waiting room, and there’s a young lady with what appears to be a cold.  We take a look at her, decide she just needs some over the counter meds and we send her on her way.  The next time we see this woman, she’s being admitted with a severe case of pneumonia.  A bit of a stretch?  Maybe, but stay with me.

When our clients come in with material needs, they may look like a mere head cold in an ER, but without correct triage, how will we know for certain?  If we don’t see that appointment as a DIVINE appointment, ask questions, and get to the root of her needs (not just the physical ones either), we could actually be overlooking more serious areas and concerns that God has put us in a position to help with.

So, for the next client that walks in that is “JUST” a materials client, our desire is that we will see her as God sees her.  A precious child in need of some help.  A woman that deserves respect.  It is our prayer that we will treat her with dignity, and not only meet her needs, but EXCEED her needs and bless her with some of her wants.

Debi Boerckel
Office Manager