The Power of “Something”

Each year, Care Net National sends out an “Impact Report” that highlights what we have collectively accomplished. A bit like the quote this blog begins with, I am only one…..I cannot do everything, but I can do something.

Our something has added up to empowering 388,691 mothers to choose life in the last 6 years! Those babies lives were saved but, make no mistake, a mother is saved for each baby saved. A choice for abortion leaves behind a woman struggling with the pain of that choice. Women seldom—to never—regret having a baby but almost always—to always—find abortion a painful choice. Once facing an unintended pregnancy, there are no easy answers.

8 out of 10 women who are considering abortion when they visited a Care Net Pregnancy Center choose life for their unborn children.

Not only were we there at a crossroads with her, 723,597 moms and dads received parenting support and education. What did our sweet little boutiques accomplish? A wonderful 1.1 million people received some kind of material resources. These were provided, almost entirely, by donations from individuals, churches, and businesses—not from the government.

Care Net of the Treasure Coast will always keep the gospel as a key component of our services. Other Care Net affiliates feel the same. More than 1 million heard the gospel in our collective locations.
Not only do we all exist financially on the goodwill of other people, but every year about 30,000 people volunteer at these centers and clinics. We love to tell our clients that they put the heart in our logo! If you’ve been thinking about volunteering for a long time and have just never got around to it, please call 772-871-2211 and ask for Rayma to see how to get started today. Join the Care Net “army.” If you’d like to make a donation to this Care Net of the Treasure Coast, you can do that by clicking this link now .

So, here is the measure of part of our impact.

We are well aware that we cannot do everything but that will never stop us from doing the something that we can! For every one of you who has done your something, this is the everything that you’ve accomplished together! Thank you!

Sue Chess
Executive Director