Church Support

We need each other....

Our thanks to Care Net’s SUPPORTING CHURCHES. We are an extension of the church. With almost 100 volunteers from more than 30 different churches we continue our commitment to uphold the fundamentals of the faith without promoting doctrinal distinctives. Please see our Statement of Faith

We could not carry out the work of this ministry without the support of the local church. It is a sad fact that one in three American women have had an abortion by the age of 45. Seventy-eight percent of those report a religious affiliation. And let us humbly state that the high Commitment of CareCommitment of Care found in our crisis pregnancy centers will provide that safe and confidential place for your own parishioners to find a Christ centered answer to their crisis.

Our churches understand that this ministry takes place in a secret place where even God’s children make wrong choices. Thank you for enabling us to carry out this ministry behind enemy lines. Our goal is to lead to the redemption of Jesus for wrong choices. For more information please see, an excellent resource about abortion in the church.

Churches are considered supporting churches if we receive a monthly check for any amount or a yearly gift of $500.00 or more. Frequently these churches also make us a part of their missions Sunday emphasis and prayer support. They understand the value of this MISSION FIELD in our own back yard. We are first and foremost a Christian ministry, we seek to share the gospel of Jesus Christ wherever we find opportunity. Since opening our doors almost 25 years ago, we have had the joy of leading almost 2000 to accept Christ. We then seek to connect these clients with our supporting churches.

If you are interested in becoming a supporting church, call the office at 772-871-2211.

We are blessed to RECEIVE SUPPORT from the following churches:

St. Lucie County

Martin County